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TV Ads & Event Hosting

Sell, optimize, and monetize TV ad campaigns and Event Hosting.

Brand and Identity is what gives your brand that authenticity consumers are looking for. They want something different from their brands. Something touchy, experiential, and sustainable to get them transformed naturally. They want to feel an emotional connection with the brands they choose to live with. They want to Brand and Shine together!

Brands that satisfy these emotional desires will rise above the rest. Building them requires the right balance of art and science, pragmatism, and inspiration. And an unbending commitment to making the world a better place for us all.

Alka Marketing brands, inspire people, that is the core to who Alka Marketing is. It is how we partner with our clients, shoulder-to-shoulder, to approach our work in unique and natural ways. It is how each brand and experience we cultivate with our clients can be centered around the natural connection. Creating and elevating your brand and identity natural authenticity, is what drives consumers’ desired connection to action.

Brand Heart:

Purpose, Vision, Mission, Values.

Brand Messaging:

Brand Voice, Personality, Tagline, Value Proposition, Brand Messaging Pillars